By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

30 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts That They’ll Actually Enjoy Receiving.

I love shopping. If shopping was an Olympic event, I would be the undefeated champion. Nonetheless, nothing I have ever bought has the value and importance to me to the things I have received over the years from my loved ones that were made with their hands and their hearts.

There is something special knowing that the one you love spent the time to bring something they saw and decided to make it for you. No store bought item can top that.

For Valentine’s Day, here are some do-it-yourself gift ideas that will take your present to the next level. The compilation ranges from easy heart stamps made from toilet paper rolls and heart crayons for the kids, to love notes and heart branches for the romantics. You have a practical person in your life, how about a painted rock that can be used as a paper weight. There is something for everyone.

This Valentine’s Day take the challenge and make your sweetheart something from the heart. I guarantee there will be swooning and possibly a tear or two.

#1. Knot bracelets

Knot bracelets that represent ever lasting love. You can make cross knots or overhand knots for your fashionable love token.

#2. Stenciled bags

Use freezer paper to create a stencil of hearts, letters or any design you want. Cut it using a knife. Set your iron on medium heat, iron the the freezer paper on the muslin bag. Insert a cardboard piece into bag, and then add light craft paint on the muslin bag. Gently peel the freezer paper while the paint is wet.

#3. Valentine's handprints

Trace lightly with a pencil a heart. Take your child's hands and dip them in the paint. Have them stamp their prints on the paper. Use a black felt to write on top of the penciled heart. Let it dry, erase the heart line.

#4. Valentine's water bottle labels

Remove the original labels off the water bottles. Print water bottle labels. Apply glue and paste it on the bottles. Let it dry.

#5. Valentine's heart attack

This is for those in long distance relationships. Cut up hearts in various sizes and colors. Find a box that will hold all the hearts. Cut up a bigger hearts to glue on the outside of the box. One of the hearts will have the address of your love recipient. Send and know you will make your loved one smile.

#6. Toilet paper roll heart stamp

Talk about reusing things in your home. Take the toilet paper roll and shape it in to a heart. Dip in to paint and stamp away with the kids.

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