By Sheyla

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Here Are 18 Pieces Of Share-Worthy Valentine’s Trivia That Almost Nobody Knows.

Valentine's day is here, and it's important you get your facts straight in case your significant other quizzes you on the meaning of Valentine's day.

Now you'll be able to lay down some insanely useful trivia in between smooches.

#1. Declaring Valentine's Day

England's King Henry VIII may have had one wife executed, another beheaded, and two marriages annulled. Nonetheless, the king declared February 14 as the holiday Valentine's Day in 1537.

#2. Saint Valentine's skull

This Valentine was not professing love. Valentine attempted to have Roman Emperor Claudius II the Cruel convert to Christianity to no avail. Instead he was executed for not converting to paganism on February 14, 278 A.D. You can find his skull at the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome.

#3. Love knot

In the past, love knots were drawn on paper or made with ribbon. The knot represents undying love as the loops are never ending with no beginning or end.

#4. Cupid

Cupid is the Roman god of desire, erotic love and attraction. Whoever is hit by his arrow faces uncontrollable desire.

#5. Marriage proposals

It is estimated that 220,000 marriage proposals will take place on this romantic day. No word on how many will say yes to the big question.

#6. X for kisses

It is believed that x for kisses comes from the Middle Ages. Many people were illiterate and 'x' would mean a sworn oath. Christians would kiss the 'x' to emphasize their honesty.

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