By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Here Are 18 Pieces Of Share-Worthy Valentine’s Trivia That Almost Nobody Knows.

#7. Teacher love

Teachers receive the most cards for Valentine's Day. Followed by kids, mothers, wives, girlfriends and pets.

#8. Roses are red

Red roses are the most popular flower given on this date.

#9. Juno

Juno is the Roman goddess of love, marriage and women.

#10. Not everyone is getting a card

Despite the estimated 190 million cards given every year for Valentine's Day, it comes second behind Christmas.

#11. Chocolate medicine

Doctors in the 1800's prescribed chocolate to patients suffering from lost love.

#12. Wear your heart on your sleeve

In the Middle Ages, men and women would pull names out of a bowl, the name drawn would be the valentine. For the week the name was worn on the sleeve, hence the term 'wear your heart on your sleeve.'

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