By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Meet The Vampire Cat Who Is Terrifyingly Adorable.

When good samaritans save and adopt an animal, they may assume they are the ones doing a good deed for the creature. Although it is a noble and amazing thing to rescue animals, folks learn they given a love and joy they didn’t know existed before.

It is more than one life that is rescued when the adoption of a pet begins. The fur ball may have an odd colour or quirky features that make them stand out. For the humans, its just another quality to love.

Nicole Rienzie and her mom were driving home one day when they almost ran over a tiny kitten that was “very skinny, filthy, flea infested with severe conjunctivitis in both eyes.” Rather than drop him off at the nearest animal shelter, Rienzie took the kitty home and has not looked back since.

Rienzie said she initially did try to find the kitty a home. She even had a friend who was interested in taking him in.

She didn't see herself keeping the feline as she was going through a dark time in her life.

"I had lost my father to brain cancer and a close friend in a plane crash," admits Rienzie.

She understands now how he came at the right time. "I was grieving heavily and dealing with chronic pain from [a car] accident. I believe he was sent to me," she says.

But the kitty she named Monk is not a regular cat. He has tiny fangs that make him look like the feline version of Dracula.

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