By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Van Gogh Airbnb Is The Perfect Place For Those Starry Nights… And It’s Cheap!

It may not be easy to know how artists are inspired, but spending time literally inside their work might be a start. The Art Institute of Chicago has recreated the famous Vincent van Gogh painting Bedroom in Arles into a full size room. What’s even more surreal is the sleeping quarter is available to rent on AirBnB.

The room is a replica of the original; down to the jugs on the night table and the towel hanging on a wall hook. The bedroom rents for $10 per night and is a great way for visitors to immerse themselves into van Gogh’s world prior to visiting the museum. 36 works of the artist are currently on exhibit at the museum's Van Gogh’s Bedrooms.

Vincent van Gogh created three separate pieces of the bedroom from 1888 to 1889.

The room is fully booked for the month of February. The museum will release more dates for March.

Van Gogh's room is from his "Yellow House" in Arles, France.

Next, tilt-shift versions of Van Gogh's paintings.

Source: This is Colossal