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12 Surprising Things You Can Do With VapoRub (Even If You Don’t Have A Cold).

Vicks VapoRub is an ointment commonly found in almost everyone's medicine cabinet. It's used as a topical cream and is applied to the chest, back, and throat for relief from coughing and congestion. Some people even put it on their feet. But VapoRub isn't just for colds. There's so many uses and some that will definitely surprise you.

Check out what different situations you can use VapoRub for especially #9. I wish I knew about that a long time ago!

#1. Want fuller lips?

The ingredient menthol is a natural lip plumper. Just rub a little on and it will also soften them too.

Want fuller lips?

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#2. Vicks VapoRub can also come in very handy during a sinus headache.

Alleviate your sinus headache by breathing in the menthol when you place some of the VapoRub underneath your nose.

#3. Is there a stinky smell you are trying to avoid?

Rub some VapRub under your nose and it will do the trick.

Is there a stinky smell you are trying to avoid?

#4. Are you breaking out and can't find anything that'll help you ease your acne?

You can try applying the VapoRub to any acne prone skin you might have on your face to help clear up some pimples you may already have or prevent any future ones from coming to life.

#5. Did you know that Vicks VapoRub repels mosquitos?

Just rub the Vicks on all exposed body parts to keep the mosquitos away.

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