By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Dropped A Red Not Nickel Ball Onto A Block Of Velveeta Cheese. Watch What Happens…

There's always been something...disturbing about Velveeta. Don't get us wrong: Shells and cheese were a staple of our childhoods, and we are not above whipping some up on a rainy day, even as adults. Even the most health conscious folks can admit that it's totally delicious.

However, with it's bright yellow color and penchant for being so thick and creamy, Velveeta almost seems a little space-agey: In other words, nothing like it can be found in the natural world. All things considered, it's also kind of troubling to think about your body digesting it - and you're going to be even more freaked out about it after you see this video. When confronted with a flaming hot coal, Velveeta reacts in a way that you wouldn't expect, and it's totally insane.

We can bet that next time you whip up some shells and cheese, this video will be on your mind.

Next, watch the ball drop onto some floral foam.

Source: carsandwater