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30 Priceless Photos Of Pets Who Just Realized They’re Going To Vet.

Kids hate going to the doctor. Hell, adults hate going to the doctor too. The visit is almost never for a good reason and there's usually some sort of discomfort. So you can't be surprised that animals also hate the doctor, or in their case, veterinarians.

Of course, the first time you take them will be easy because they won't know where they're going or who they're seeing. They blindly put their faith in you when they got into your car, thinking they were probably going to go somewhere fun like the park or the pet store. But after their first visit filled with examinations and shots, they'll definitely remember the place. And every time you try to take them back, they'll know.

Once they realize where they're going, they'll immediately give you a look. It may be terror, depression, or just pure anger at you for putting them in this position again. Whatever it is, you can't give in because you know this visit is for their own good.

Here are some photos of pets who know they're going to the vet. We do admit, their reactions are pretty funny.

#1. When they're in the back seat and overhear you say the word vet.

"Did she just say what I think she said? Oh hell no."

When they're in the back seat and overhear you say the word vet.

#2. When they comfort each other.

"It's ok, we can do this. We'll pull through. Be strong, my friend."

#3. When they give you those big puppy eyes.

“You owe me a treat after this. Can we get ice cream?"

#4. When they need to hold your hand for comfort.

"You're going to be right beside me the whole time, right? Right?"

#5. When they give you eyes of terror.

“Ummmm... You passed the turn to Petco. Where are we going exactly?"

When they give you eyes of terror.

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