Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Goofy Photos From The Victorian Era That Prove They Weren't So Uptight After All.

#6. In Victorian Times, men often played the role of women, which might explain this interesting trio.

They’re actually students from Yale, and they’re dressed as women, but they’re definitely men. The photo was taken in 1883, and they were undoubtedly in a play performing as the opposite gender.

#7. In those days, taking a family photo that was really weird was not necessarily out of the question.

Just look at this lovely group of women who took posing awkwardly to a new level. They’re basically piled on top of each other. It might look uncomfortable but this family obviously loved being close to each other.

#8. Maybe it’s just us, but this guy is looking unusually happy and he even sported an accessory.

In case the unusually brilliant smile wasn’t enough to win you over then perhaps the silly pointy hat would. Then again, this might be a Victorian age version of a birthday hat, and this man was celebrating a milestone.

#9. Victorian women wore so many layers of clothing that some believed they had trouble moving around.

But as this lady proved in this photo, Victorian women might have gotten overheated and had trouble breathing in those constricting clothes, but this gal could still jump rope like a total champ.

#10. This lady deserves a prize for weirdest and most awesome use of her bosom in this photo.

We’re not sure what the story is behind this pic, but if she was some sort of waitress serving tea, then she put a whole new spin on the saying fresh off the rack. It’s people like her that are changing the stereotype of this era.

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