By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Got His First Camera 4 Years Ago… Now His Special Technique Is Wowing The Art World.

Four years ago, Vincent Bourilhon picked up his first camera. He was 16 years old. Today, the Normandy-based student photographer is making waves across the globe with his enchanting, surrealistic images.

Bourilhon puts his subjects in real-life environments. Then, he changes some elements of the photo to an elaborate fantasy, complete with children soaring through the air on a blanket, men disappearing before your eyes, and tiny airplanes that fit in the palm of a hand. On his website, Bourilhon explained the motivations behind his work:

I love fantasizing, I love inventing and creating. I think the real world is flat, not original and very negative. If art does not lead us to a different world in which we all live, it does not meet its mission.

View the photos below and allow yourself to escape to Bourilhon's magical alternate reality.