By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

18 Whimsical Home Décor Ideas For People Who Love Vintage Stuff.

#7. Update jars to lace candle holders.

This amazing DIY will give boring jars a much needed facelift, and give your dining room table some vintage charm in the process.

#8. Make use of vintage crates.

Vintage crates give your home a charming, rustic feel, and can be used for storage.

#9. Turn teacups into adorable tea lights.

Use floral teacups and candle wax to create adorably candles that would look amazing clustered together on a dining room table - especially with some gorgeous bouquets.

#10. Letter your dishes.

Upgrade some floral thrift store dishware by adding some old-fashioned lettering. You could even use the plates to spell a word and hang up on your walls.

#11. Spruce up some spools.

Wooden spools are incredibly cheap at craft stores, and by wrapping them in thick, textured yarn, you can create some brilliant vintage-inspired decorations for your end tables.

#12. Create some whimsical drawer decor.

Turn a simple cardboard box into a useful, charming piece of vintage storage. This DIY would be perfect for storing jewelry or sewing supplies.

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