By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

He Chops Up Classical Paintings… And Reminds You Why You Fell In Love With Art.

Part of the allure of classical paintings, are the people who seem to live in a delicate, surrealistic world. Their peaceful surroundings do not look like anything we are accustomed to. Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov removed characters from renowned artworks and placed them in less than glamorous urban locations like the subway or outside a run-down liquor store.

Kondakov photoshopped the mythological figures into his series, “The Daily Lives of Gods.” His inspiration came from the painting, “Nymphs Offering Young Bacchus Wine, Fruit and Flowers,” by Caesar van Everdingen. He understood “the heroes of masterpieces spent their time just like we do.”

The artist feels that by bringing these figures into our modern world, it creates a human bond. He does not believe this connection happens when looking at canvas by itself. It would be quite amazing to see these creations in our everyday lives, even it if was just in passing.

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Source: My Modern Met