By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Hilarious Vintage Products… #19 Is Certainly A Conversation Starter.

We are constantly bombarded with companies selling products that promise miracles. The number of pills, drinks, and gadgets offering quick fixes to everyday problems are more than I can count. That may be the secret, playing on people’s vulnerability and need for things to make life easier.

We have gotten wiser in recognizing gimmicks and things that will only reduce the weight in our wallets. Here are vintage goods that you won't find today. Some are just plain dangerous while others are pretty ridiculous. One day, we may look back on stuff being hustled today and think not much has changed.

#1. Weight loss contraptions.

Weight loss contraptions.

#2. This may actually cause a headache.

This may actually cause a headache.

#3. Dolls for adults.

Dolls for adults.

#4. The name says it all.

The name says it all.

#5. Butt head.

Butt head.

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