By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Woman Discovers Her Cat Is Cheating On Her… Thanks To This Hilarious Note.

If you own a cat, chances are your fuffly pet is cheating on you. Reddit user goldenstate30 has posted a letter his girlfriend recently received from a neighbor. Turns out their feline Nala was visiting another family, marking her territory, and eating their food.

In the kitty’s defense, she only drops by every couple of weeks. She makes her presence known by meowing at the door. Once she is allowed inside, she walks around her second house and waits for her baloney treat. Nala refuses to eat the cat food at the other house.

The couple happily welcomed their new friend. Their own cat passed away recently. Maybe Nala is not being unfaithful after all, rather she is good-hearted and recognizes the neighbors are in need of a cuddle and companionship. The family does not know if Nala is getting friendly with anyone else in the neighborhood.

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Source: reddit