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25 Historical Photos That Are So WTF You’ll Be Glad You’re Alive Now.

History reminds us that the issues of slavery and segregation, among many others, existed in the U.S. not too long ago. Although we often celebrate freedom and equality, we are in more of a transitional period than a celebratory one as different forms of slavery, segregation, and discrimination are still experienced by millions of people today.

However, history isn't all about how little we've learned. It's also about documenting how we manage our everyday lives in small yet remarkable ways. It's also about acknowledging the accomplishments of both the individual and the group, no matter how small.

Browse through the collection of photographs below from 1867 to 1993 for a side of history that we don't talk about enough.

#1. Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910), author of War and Peace, with his granddaughter at Yasnaya Polyana, his museum-estate.

#2. 1867: Betty Jackson, was one of over 300 slaves owned by U.S. President Andrew Jackson throughout his lifetime. She is pictured in front of a slave cabin with two little girls.

#3. 1889: Born in Saint Croix to a freed slave, Peter Jackson later emigrated to Australia and worked his way into boxing history. He was called ‘Peter the Great’ and ‘The Black Prince,' and won the Australian heavyweight title in 1886 and the World Colored Heavyweight Championship in 1888.

#4. 1880s/1890s: Born in England, actress Annie Sumerville was also a singer and burlesque performer.

#5. 1907: Two female hikers in gaiters take a break on their camping trip in the Olympic Mountain Range, Washington State.

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