Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

Rescued Cat Changes Color Because Of Its Rare Health Condition.

When you make the decision to adopt an animal, you're making the choice to care for the animal through thick and thin. But what if the animal gets diagnosed with an unknown condition? What if the animal starts mysteriously changing right in front of your very eyes?

A few years ago, Nicole Böhm noticed that there were a pair of black-and-white kittens that were living in dirty conditions on a farm in Germany.

Like so many others, Nicole knew that she needed to help, so she decided to take care of the kittens herself.

The kittens played, they slept, and they had a typical appearance like other cats.

Elli was actually was a bit different, but not at first. "She had a tuxedo coat like her sister. Nothing unusual. The changing began about one year after birth,” explained Nicole.

And then one day, Nicole started to notice that there was something odd on Elli’s fur.

Apparently, Elli’s fur, which was solid black, began to show a few spots of white hair! "It was just a little white spot on her back. I didn't know why, so I took her to the vet," said Nicole.

As Nicole was headed to the vet's office, she couldn't imagine what could possible be going on with her darling Elli.

When she arrived at the office, she didn’t expect to hear the news that the vet had to share with her. As it turns out, there was definitely something strange going on with Elli!

Elli was diagnosed with vitiligo!

Vitiligo is a rare condition that causes people, and strangely enough, animals, to lose the pigment in their skin...or fur! Even though vitiligo is typically linked to other health issues, Elli was completely healthy.

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