By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

During The Vows The Groom Turned To His Step Daughter… And Brought Everyone To Tears.

Do you get emotional at weddings? Maybe it's the sight of the nervous groom, or the anticipation of two people declaring their love for one another in front of a room full of people: There's just something about a wedding ceremony that can make even the toughest dudes and broads weak in the knees.

Taking that into consideration, prepare to have a full-blown emotional breakdown when you watch this groom read vows to his stepdaughter - the whole video is sniffle-worthy, but the real heart-wrenching stuff starts around 4:15.

Nascar driver Brian Scott and his new wife Whitney Kay, along with their daughter Brielle, are just about the sweetest, most sensitive family to ever make the viral-video ranks. In a subsequent interview, Cox (who is basically a soaring ballad in human form) explained what that moment was like for him:

It was really when I was reading my vows to Brielle that I got the most choked up. It really all just hits home in that moment — you’re there and dressed up and all the people around. You’re living in the moment. It affects you more than when you write it or plan for it or practice it.

We totally understand.

Source: PenWeddings