Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

Looks Like A Normal Car, Right? Not At All, Look A Little Bit Closer.

A retired Volkswagen employee named Momir Bojic and his wife Nada spent 72 weeks building his dream car. It’s a 1975 VW Beetle made out of wood! Momir bought the old beetle at a fair and then had a company strip and remove the doors, roof and strip the chassis. The couple made a wooden bumper, wipers, wooden pedals, wheel caps, signal lamps, tail-lights, door mirrors, steering wheel, parcel shelf, dashboard, clock and even the radio.

The thousands of thumbnail-sized pieces of oak are designed to replicate the wood-tiled roofs that are common in his homeland of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The couple worked morning, noon, and night and got it finished in 18 months.

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