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He Found An Old Box While Remodeling His Home, What Was Inside… NO WAY.

We all secretly want to find treasure. We can blame it The Goonies, Indiana Jones, or our code breaking heroes but our desire to happen upon wealth — be it gold, cash, or a chest of jewels — has always been there. And our wishes have been granted in small ways.

There are some folks who find coins on the ground and others that are lucky enough to find bills. There are also some people who commit their lives to studying these treasures. They're called numismatists and they study and collect different types of currency. But we all know that sometimes, the best things come to us when we least expect it.

In today's story, Imgur user and 35-year-old DIYer branik12 struck gold while remodeling a family home, built in the late 1940s. Branik12 had completely remodeled the first and second floors and headed towards the basement where he found a strange box in the ceiling. Inside the box, there were newspapers and, you guessed it, a stash of cash.

Continue reading to vicariously live through him (money not included).

Here's the box Imgur user branik12 found during a recent home remodel.

Before we get to the inside contents, let's start from the beginning. Here we are in the basement.

After peeling back the walls, he found some writing and drawings. "Nothing too special here," he wrote.

What do you make of these drawings? Branik12 wondered if they were swastikas.

When he removed the ceiling, there was about a 1/4 inch of dust. They used plastic to keep from the dust spreading everywhere.

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