By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy’s Lost Wallet Was Returned (Sort Of) With A Hilariously Honest Note.

Most of us like to think that if we found a wallet on the ground, we'd do the right thing and return it, all contents intact. And while that's definitely the choice with the most integrity, times are hard -- sometimes, you just have to think about yourself.

And that's exactly what this anonymous wallet-finder did.

When he or she discovered a wallet full of cash, credit cards, an ID, and a transportation card on the ground in Brooklyn, they decided to do the right thing -- at least, the rightest thing they could do. They may not have returned the wallet to its owner exactly as they found it, but hey: At least they were honest about it.

Here's the poor guy who lost his wallet.

And here's the note he got when it was returned.

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Source: USA Today