Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Seattle Convenience Store Makes People Smile With The Funniest Signs Ever.

They say that those who have a sense of humor almost always get more followers. And in this case, customers! It's a great worthwhile investment. Dry jokes, with lots of puns... who doesn't love that? In fact, some of the best jokes are one liners like these that will never fail to make you smile. Now, if you were looking for some kind of sign, then Wallingford Sign has some of the funniest you've ever seen. Best of all, they're always coming up with something witty every week. So, if you ever need a good laugh, then this ExtraMile convenience store in Seattle will definitely provide you with a puntastic good time.

#1. Kids are like cockroaches. Why hasn't anyone invented kid repellent?

#2. Gotta love the ant-ics from this ant-advocating sign. It's very ant-y!

#3. What's sleep? Don't think we remember hearing about it. It's been so long!

#4. So glad this was a sign and not a propane tank, or the sign would've been a blast!

#5. Apart from air, they also have space. You should have gone to Disney instead.

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