By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Wally The Bunny (And His Unusual Ears) Are Taking Over Instagram, One Heart At A Time.

Well, it's official: Wally the Bunny is the cutest creature to ever exist in the history of everything. All other cute things need not apply.

Wally was cute in his natural state, but his cute factor shot to the next level when his owner, Molly, decided to give him the world's most perfect haircut. A few days ago, she posted the first shot of his new 'do on their Instagram page with the following caption:

Wally was googling ‘ponies’ (he’s been wanting to find free pony rides for bunnies … sigh. Yes, we’ve talked about the unlikeliness of this) when he came across ‘side PONY tails’ and immediately wanted one.

Molly made his dreams come true and thus, a star was born. Check out His Almighty Adorableness below.

Surprise! Look what popped up from the wheelbarrow! "I'm a Wally Weed!"

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Click on the photo to see how adorbs Wally is just sitting.

Wally? You look a little like a puppet. And a Muppet. "I'M A MUPPET PUPPET!"

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Watch how cute Wally's nose moves when he's chillin' by clicking on the photo.


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"Don't worry. This is me when I'm not yawning."

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"I got SNIPPIES!" (Except I didn't finish his paws. ☺️)

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Click on the photo to see Wally jumping around.

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