By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

She Quit Her Job To Travel The World, The Photos Will Make You Want To Pack Your Bags Today.

Maartje Smit doesn't understand why people wanting to travel the world don’t just do what she did. Smit was a project manager for a software company in the Netherlands when she decided to embark on an ongoing vacation that is still in full-swing three years later.

Smit began globetrotting on April 6, 2012, and has no intentions of calling it quits. She has visited over 50 countries like Jordan, Israel, Colombia, and Italy.

Smit saved enough money to cover her travel expenses and works when she needs to. She worked as a diving instructor for five months in Honduras and as a tour guide in the Galápagos Islands, Chile.

At this point, Smit has no immediate plans to return to the Netherlands. And she isn't worried she may have a tough time finding a new job or adjusting to a routine. In the meantime, she’s enjoying eating exotic foods and experiencing new cultures; all in a day’s work.

Smit has had awkward situations travelling like being stuck in a cab where the driver took way too many detours. Luckily, none have been dangerous.

The Dutch woman has travelled to over 50 countries around the world with no immediate plans to return home.

Smit stopped buying souvenirs early on. She realized it was extra baggage.

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