By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Had A Water Fight With A Bear… The Way It Ended Is Epic.

We'll start this post of by saying that lightheartedly splashing around in a river with a bear is probably not a good idea. Then again, we'd also like to imagine a hypothetical world where bears were not dangerous at all, and playing with them resulted in the greatest afternoon of your life (as opposed to, you know, being mauled to death). And, if we suspend reality for a minute and pretend we live in that world, this video is totally amazing.

In it, one man romps around casually with a bear in a river, seemingly unaware that this is a wild animal that could attack any time. We give him credit for being so chill about it -- the bear, not the man. And what happens at the end is totally epic.

This bear became best friends with a wolf.

Source: JukinVideo