By Amanda

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19 Unlucky People Who Failed At The Water Slide, But They Will Make You Laugh.

Personally, I'm terrified of waterslides. My distaste for the fun summer activity is two-fold. First of all, I once braved an enormous waterslide that completely ripped my bathing suit while sliding down, leaving my eight-year-old self at the bottom, in a pool, worried about the fact that I was basically nude. Secondly, I have never met a waterslide or slip-and-slide that didn't actually injure me. Truth be told, those suckers are dangerous.

That being said, not everyone feels the way that I do. In fact, plenty of perfect rational, wonderful people love a good waterslide every once in awhile. These 19 GIFs show waterslides at their finest - and also when they're not so hot. Would you want to brave any one of these?

#1. It was going well until it wasn't.

#2. A perfect execution.

A perfect execution.

#3. They call this one the Baby Launcher.

#4. Well, his execution was pretty great in spite of it all.

Well, his execution was pretty great in spite of it all.

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