By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The World’s 25 Scariest Waterslides… I’m Surprised #6 Is Even Legal.

#6. Summit Plummet, Florida

Ah Disney, you masters of contradiction. Who else would have built a waterpark in hot, landlocked Orlando and called it “Blizzard Beach”? They capped it off with this mountain-themed waterslide that will accelerate you to nearly 60 miles an hour over its 120-foot drop.

#7. World Waterpark in Alberta, Canada

Sensible Canadians considered the flat, frozen landscape of Alberta and decided to take their aquatic fun indoors. Nestled under the glass arches of the West Edmonton Mall, World Waterpark features looping waterslides,a surf simulator, a giant wave pool, and even ziplines.

#8. Bulletbowl, Beijing

What to do with huge sports venues after the two-week frenzy of the Olympics has come to a close? Beijing filled its iconic Water Cube pool complex with water-themed rides like the Bulletbowl, which drops you down a tube and sends you whipping around a series of tight corkscrews.

#9. Insano, Fortaleza, Brazil

You don’t have to speak Portuguese to understand what they were getting at when they named this slide the Insano. It’s reigned supreme as the tallest waterslide in the world since 1989, clocking in at 135 feet tall.

#10. Scorpion’s Tail, Wisconsin

Ten stories high and 400 feet long, the Scorpion’s Tail gets you up to 50 feet per second with the near-vertical drop in its first section. As if that weren’t enough, it uses all that momentum to send you arcing through a loop.

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