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The World’s 25 Scariest Waterslides… I’m Surprised #6 Is Even Legal.

#11. Area 47, Innsbruck, Austria

Austrians are so keen on their rocky Alps and gravity-fueled extreme sports that they couldn’t limit themselves to ski season. In the warmer months, they flock to the Area 47 waterpark to enjoy looping slides, high-dive platforms, and some kind of inflatable water catapult practice known as “blobbing.”

Area 47, Innsbruck, Austria

Area 47

#12. Head-first Racer, China

You can waterslide like you always have, lining up one by one to take your turn down a single twisting tube. Or you can take on your rivals and vanquish them at the Head-First Racer in China, which offers 8 different tubes so that sliders can compete to see who’s the fastest.

#13. The Cyclone - World Waterpark, Canada

First, climb down into this capsule. Ok? Ok. Then we’re just going to suddenly yank the floor out from under you, sending you plunging straight down before shooting you through a loop. Good? Good.

#14. Big Thunder, Florida

So many of these rides are solo experiences. Big Thunder puts you and three of your closest friends in a clover-shaped raft before sending you all down a rumbling, dark tunnel, and shooting the raft out and up the sides of a broad funnel.

#15. Jumeirah Sceirah, Dubai

Capsule-based slides like the the Jumeirah Sceirah (rhymes with “scare ya”) rely on anticipation: standing in a sealed capsule at the top of the ride, you don’t know exactly when the trap door at your feet will drop and send you plunging. It’s a clever way of inserting additional thrills before you’ve slid an inch.

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