Awesome Surf Video Explains The Mysteries Of Water, According To Alan Watts.

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"In water, you know, when you get into it, there's nothing to hang onto. All this universe is like water. It is fluid, it is transient, it is changing. And when you're thrown into the water after being accustomed to living on the dry land, you're not used to the idea of swimming. You try to stand on the water, you try to catch hold of it, and as a result, you drown... The only way to survive in the water is to learn how to swim... indeed in a certain way you become the water." — Alan Watts, Philosopher

If you are passionate about surfing or philosophy or better yet, both, set aside some time to watch this video of surfer Zo White. There's something about the relationship between man and water that is also reflective of the relationship between man and the universe.

When you are in the water, it can be overwhelming. At first, you may not know what to do. The crashing of the waves also become louder than your own thoughts. But as Watts has suggested, you can learn how to swim. And the only way to do that is to relax, let go, and "give yourself to the water."

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