By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Latest Food Craze In Taiwan Will Make You Hungry, But Mostly Confused.

We can always count on east Asian countries to supply us with our adorable food trends, and this week, it's all about Taiwanese watermelon bread.

The vibrantly colored bread originated at Jimmy's Bakery in Yilan County, Taiwan, and each slice looks exactly like a slice of yellow or pink watermelon. Naturally, it's become an Internet sensation.

The bread is dyed with matcha green tea powder and strawberries, and the seed effect is created by tiny, edible piece of bamboo charcoal. Jimmy's head backer Lee Wen-Fa created the bread to encourage young children to eat more food in the summer, when their appetites are naturally subdued.

According to reports, the bakery has a line out the door every morning. Check out the photos below: Would you wait in line for a loaf of this bizarre bread?


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