By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Cuts A Watermelon Exactly In Half. What He Ends Up With… I Can’t Wait To Try.

For the past 48 hours or so, the Internet has been going bananas for a watermelon.

Now, it's not just any watermelon. This watermelon is special, in that it does something that no other watermelon can. It may look like magic, but it's actually just the very real invention of one intrepid YouTuber who refused to eat watermelon the way society told him to.

Mark Rober discovered a way to cut watermelon that will freak out your party guests, and then probably make them super excited to eat it. Check out the video below to see his bizarre trick. You're going to want to finish out summer by trying this one for yourselves.

Here's an entire festival dedicated to watermelons.

Source: Mark Rober