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15 Secret Uses For WD-40 That You'd Never Guess Were Possible.

It Cleans Your Shower Head

You've tried all kinds of products or hacks, but none of them work. At this point, you've given up trying to unclog your shower head, but wait! All hope isn't lost. You just need to look for some WD-40. That's right! That bottle with the red applicator might seem like a basic product wasting space in your cabinet, but there are things WD-40 can do that you never imagined before.


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When the water holes in your shower head start to get clogged, you wind up experiencing a shower spray that's totally uneven. This is caused either by hard water or limescale deposits, which accumulate near or around the holes. But WD-40 can get rid of those clogs and prolong the life of your shower head. All you have to do is spray some WD-40 directly on the shower head, let it sit for a bit, and then wipe.

WD-40 also cleans stains from clothes.

#2. Lipstick Stains Begone!

Lipstick Stains Begone!

Anyone who wears makeup will tell you that at some point, their lipstick has stained their clothes. But you don't need to throw your shirt away. Just spray some WD-40 on the lipstick stain, then use a white cotton cloth or a paper towel to blot it out. If the stain has penetrated deep into the fabric, then use a toothbrush to gently brush it out, then run warm water on the opposite end of the fabric where it's stained and wash with dish detergent and rinse.

WD-40 does more than just clean...

#3. Get That Stuck Zipper Unstuck

Get That Stuck Zipper Unstuck

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You might think your jacket or jeans are useless because the zipper's stuck. But if you spray some WD-40 on the zipper teeth where it's stuck and pull the zipper up and down, the lubricant will start to slide through easily as the WD-40 distributes evenly through the zipper. You can also use a paintbrush to avoid staining your clothes.

You won't have issues getting rid of stickers ever again.

#4. This Is How You Remove Price Tags And Stickers

This Is How You Remove Price Tags And Stickers

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Have you ever faced the nightmare of peeling a sticker off your car's bumper or a price tag off of a product you just purchased? With some WD-40, you can do away with that leftover paper and glue. You just spray it on the sticky residue and let it set. The lubricant will begin to melt the glue, which will make it easier to clean.

WD-40 does wonders on sticky things, including this delicious treat.

#5. Chewing Gum Has Met Its Match

Chewing Gum Has Met Its Match

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There's nothing more irritating than trying to get rid of chewing gum stuck on the bottom of your shoes, on the carpet, or on your clothes. But WD-40 is here to save the day. But first, you should remove as much of the gum as you can with a blunt knife. Then spray the WD-40 and let it do its job for half an hour. The gum will dissolve and lift off of the surface on its own. Then you can scrape the rest off, and if necessary, you can repeat the process.

WD-40 can even remove those impossible to get rid of stains.

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