This Mom Wrote An Open Letter To The Bully Who Criticized Her Son’s Pink Tutu.

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As open minded as we strive to be in this day and age, we still get caught up on small and trivial things. Take for example the unwritten rules and expectation of what boys and girls should like and play with. Girls must like pink, glittery things, and be dainty and delicate. Boys have to love trucks, skateboards, and action figures. Who made these ridiculous rules anyways?

Whenever a boy or girl likes something outside of what is considered the norm, they are told by complete strangers that is not meant for them. Boys in particular get reprimanded for wanting to play with dolls, wear princess costumes or like the colour pink.

Jen Anderson Shattuck is accustomed to getting confused and disapproving looks by people when her three-and-a-half-year-old son goes out in a tutu. What she didn’t expect was a man to act belligerent towards her and her son while they were walking to the park. She took to Facebook to write about her scary encounter and what she plans to do about it.

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