By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Rescued Weasel Doesn’t Care That His Human Has To Work.

There is always that one friend who just wants to play and hangout as opposed to getting work done. Whether one has a deadline or is behind with an assignment, that one buddy will always encourage you to do it later.

Ozzy is that type of pal, except he’s also a weasel. The small mammal doesn’t seem to care that his human really needs to focus on getting to work. Ozzy just wants to play and he tempts his person by snuggling, nibbling, and hiding around the computer speaker and keyboard.

Weasels are very aggressive hunters who can take down prey like rabbits five to 10 times bigger than them. They are not recommended as pets but YouTube user Frisco68, says Ozzy is an exception as he was rescued as a baby. Based on the video, it’s clear Ozzy the weasel should not be taken to work as nothing will be accomplished.

Source: Frisco68