By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Weatherman Totally Freaks Out Over Thundersnow… But The Toddler's Reaction Stole The Show.

Residents of Plymouth, Massachusetts might have been horrified to check the weather last weekend: The Weather Channel claimed that there would be a rare condition called "thundersnow."

Though it might call to mind a nightmare you had in your childhood, thundersnow is exactly what it sounds like: A thunderstorm where snow falls instead of rain.

Not everyone was upset about it, though.

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore was obviously beside himself to be capturing the thundersnow on film. In fact, it was only the fifth time that Cantore had reported on thundersnow in his entire career!

Still, the real showstopper was neither Cantore or the storm, but the baby who was watching Cantore on TV. Ah, the young: So naive and innocent, so easily overjoyed by a weatherman's reaction to thundersnow. The whole scene is very, very, cute - even if you still think the idea of thundersnow is terrifying.

Source: The Weather Channel