By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Mom Can’t Leave Her Wheelchair, But When The Groom Did THIS Everyone Was In Tears.

It's every mom's dream to raise good kids, support them to adulthood, and eventually, watch them get married. Lori Hastings' dreams were even bigger: When she married her husband in 1983, she was told she had muscular dystrophy and that she would likely never have children. Miraculously, she had three: Two daughters, Valerie and Heather, and a son named David.

In 2012, Lori's disease had progressed to the point of her needing a wheelchair. David was getting married the same year, and wanted nothing more than to have a dance with his mom. Instead of missing the chance, David did something amazing, bringing Lori on the dance floor for a sweet moment between mother and son. Watching this video, you might find yourself choking back a few tears.

Source: sweetkellyboy