By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Divorced Man Finds Some ‘Interesting’ Uses For His Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress. The Results Are Hilarious.

Not to be cynical about love, but the facts are the facts: A huge percentage of marriages end in divorce, and Kevin Cotter's was one of them.

When his wife left him, she took everything with her. Ironically, the one thing she left behind was her wedding dress. We're going to assume that they did not end on good terms, because when Cotter asked his ex-wife was he was supposed to do with the dress, she replied, "Whatever the f**k you want."


Cotter, however, saw this as a chance to get creative. After talking with his friends and family, he decided to start a blog and document all the things he did with his ex's wedding dress. The resulting photos are pretty epic.

Cotter took the dress hunting.

You can even decorate your yard with it.

Washing a car with a wedding dress seems perfectly natural.

And painted the dress to support his favorite team.

He also turned it into a festive shower curtain.

The dress made a great parachute for his derby car.

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