By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Brides Didn’t Wear White… And It’s The Most Elegant Thing I’ve Ever Seen.

We all know what a wedding dress usually looks like in the United States: Flowing white satin, chiffon and tulle, encrusted with gems and pearls, and accessorized with rhinestones and veils. It's easy to identify an American bride, but what about brides in other countries? What do they wear on their big days?

The video below explores bridal fashion from around the world, particularly in Asia and southeast Asia. From Vietnam and Cambodia, to Korea and Japan, all the way over the India, bridal fashion in the eastern hemisphere is on a totally different level. Watching the video below will make your average white wedding gown feel downright boring.

Here's more beautiful brides who didn't wear white.

Source: BuzzFeedVideo