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After The Divorce She Found A Hilarious Use For Her Wedding Gown…

Clara Herrera was married for 19 years when it came to an end. Despairing, she wanted to figure out how to turn a terrible situation into something that could lift her spirits. That's when she remembered that she still had her wedding dress.

"The wedding dress just represented sadness," she said in an interview."It was either get rid of it or change the way I felt about it in a positive way."

With that in mind, Herrera started donning her dress and taking photos of herself in the most unlikely places -- but places that were part of her everyday routine and meaningful to her throughout her life. The goal? To make the dress a symbol of evolving from her past into her future.

"I didn’t want to get rid of the dress because when I married, my father had died and both of my brothers walked me down the aisle," she said. "My oldest brother paid for it. I wanted my daughters to want to wear it."

She even got her divorce attorney involved in the photoshoot.

Some of her photos are hilarious, while others are quite thoughtful.

Most of the images were taken by her 17-year-old daughter.

In fact, her kids were all very supportive of the photoshoot. "They're used to my quirkiness. Never did they say, don’t do [the project]. They're the reason I do not regret my marriage. They're the reason I do not regret my decision to divorce," she said.

In the last photo, she sheds the wedding dress and took the photo in color. "It's very spiritual to me. I literally felt light, in both senses of the word," Herrera said. "It represents leaving the past behind and moving ahead gloriously."

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Source: Huffington Post