By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

These Beautifully Ornate Wedding Dresses Are Made Of A Very Surprising Material.

Most girls growing up loved playing paper dolls. Ukranian artist Asya Kozina, has made a successful career dressing real-life models in paper dresses.

Her latest series is inspired by Mongolian wedding dresses. Concerned that the traditional ethnic gowns are becoming extinct, the paper genius saw an opportunity to give it a tribute.

Using only white paper instead of the standard colourful options, Kozina felt that white would make the intricate details pop. Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, Kozina made sure that the elaborate and rich headdresses were also included in the line.

Called “a fairy of paper” in the Ukraine, the craftswoman has an extensive portfolio with works that include masks, cards, arches and even life-size horses.

And here you thought your snowflakes and attempts at origami were to be marvelled. You may have met your match.

You can follow the designer and her paper fetish on Facebook and her website.