Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

34 Award-Winning Wedding Photos That Will Give You All The Feels.

They say one photo is worth a thousand words, but these wedding images are so award-winning and shocking that they really take home the wedding cake. We already know that just about anything can happen at a wedding, so you have to learn to expect the unexpected. But a sight known as Fearless Photographers, released a collection of 204 images that celebrate wedding photos from all over the world, and while we can't show you all of them, these 35 photos are definitely going to entice you to take a look at the entire collection. Once you take a gander you'll agree that these photos redefine the concept of wedding photography, and are just too amazing to pass up.

So, this guy might just be the ring bear and not the groom, but at least he gets to hold Precious for a bit.

They say some marriages are for the birds, but these two are simply covered in feathers.

That epic moment when the bride and groom witness their perfect day about to come crashing a tier at a time.

Hanging with man's best friends is the ultimate way to say goodbye to that bachelor status you've hung on to.

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