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Wedding Photographer Hangs Off A 350ft Cliff To Take These TERFFIFYING Shots.

It seems like everyone is trying for unusual or off-the-wall wedding photos these days, but these particular photographs might just outdo them all.

Photographer Jay Philbrick and his wife Vicky take some excellent wedding photos, showcasing the couples' deep and undying love for one another -- but they also take them at least 350 feet off the ground.

“I don’t really have to twist any arms to get models or subjects into the locations I’m interested in,” Philbrick said in an interview. “We are sort of known for this kind of photography, so many come to us looking for something different.”

And these photos definitely are different, in the most breathtaking possible way. See them below.

Philbrick takes couples' wedding photos in extreme settings, like up on this 350-foot cliff.

Of course, it takes a little bit of effort to get there.

Here, the bride is seen rappelling up the cliff with her dress in town.

The subjects are trained professionals, in case you were thinking about doing this yourself.

First, the couple has to get onto the 700 ft tall Cathedral Ledge in Echo Lake State Park, New Hampshire.

Then, they're lowered onto a smaller ledge at 350 feet.

As you can see, this feat works particularly well in the snow -- even if it is incredibly dangerous.

Daring subjects can get all get their photos taken by Philbrick -- they just have to be brave enough to make their way to his "studio."

What do you think: Would you ever climb this high to get a picture this good?

Visit the Philbrick's website and Facebook page to see more breathtaking photographs.

Source: Demilked