By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Weird Al Just Parodied The Happy Song, And It’ll Transport You To A Crazy Place.

Weird Al Yankovic has become a national treasure for his brilliant parody skills, and he and his band just finished a massive tour that included 112 concerts around the world. Never one to let his act get stale, Al began each show with his smash hit "Tacky" -- but he did it in a really clever way. Here's what he wrote about it on his artist's YouTube page:

As the audience watched on a giant LED screen, a camera crew would follow me as I sang the song, starting from some point outside (or deep within) the venue and eventually winding up on stage. It was always fun for us, because obviously the venues were different every night and every performance of the song was unique.

Luckily, he recorded some of them, taking viewers on a journey through Weird Al's tour locations. This video will definitely make you smile.

Source: alyankovic