By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

16 Bizarre-Looking Cats With Weird Fur, #10 Can’t Possibly Be Real.

The thing about cats is,they were basically made for the Internet. Whether they're causing trouble, doing funny things, or just basically relaxing, there is no other animal that has its photos shared more times than the cat. In fact, let's be real: the Internet wouldn't be the Internet without cats.

These cats aren't doing anything particularly unusual, but they do look a bit unusual. That's because these 16 cats all have amazingly unique markings on their fur. In other words - these ain't your everyday calicos and torties. Most of these unusual fur patterns come from genetic mutations, which turn the fur into a canvas for beautiful patterns, fun shapes, and interesting designs. Or sometimes, their fur just happens to look like a top hat - see #16, who is basically the most perfect cat in existence.

#1. The cat who has a portrait of itself in its own fur.

#2. A fully browed and mustachioed kitty.

#3. The cat with cat-shaped spots.

The cat with cat-shaped spots.


#4. This cat, who looks like it has been Frankensteined.

#5. This glamorous cat with long black gloves.

#6. This speckled, monochrome cat.

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