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25 Crazy Inventions That Made Millions Of Dollars. #2 Is Absolutely Ridiculous.

#6. Yellow Smiley Faces, invented by Bernard and Murray Spain.

Bernard and Murray Spain wanted to start a novelty store, so they bought the exclusive rights to the smiley face. They also bought the tagline, "Have A Nice Day," to go along with it. The put the image and words on everything they could, netting them 50 million dollars in sales after the first year-and-a-half.

#7. The iFart app, invented by Joel Comm.

Joel Comm lived the dream of middle school boys everywhere when he invented the iFart, and app that basically turns your phone into a Whoopee Cushion. It retails for $.99 in the iTunes store, and was downloaded 113,885 times in the first two weeks it was available. So far, Comm and his company have netted somewhere around $400K.

#8. The Wacky Wall Walker, invented by Ken Hakuta.

Ken Hakuta's mom sent a version of the Wacky Wall Walker to him as a gift from China. Hakuta was fascinated by the toy, so he set about buying the rights to it for $100,000. Then, he began marketing it stateside. So far, the WWW has netted Hakuta about $80 million dollars.

#9. The Slinky, invented by Richard James.

James was a naval engineer who was known around the block for being clumsy. After dropping a tension spring and watching it creep along the floor, he had his big idea. He debuted the toy in 1945, and 400 Slinkys sold out in 90 minutes. To date, the Slinky has earned James $250 million dollars.

#10. Hula Hoop, invented by Arthur K Melin and Richard Knerr.

At its peak in the fifties, more than 50,000 hula hoops were being manufactured every day. Can you imagine what it must have been like to pitch this (slightly confusing) idea?

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