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30 Of The Creepiest Places On Earth… #29 Chilled Me To The Bone.

#7. Cat Island - Japan

Tashirojima has a population of one hundred humans, and almost triple the amount of cats. Originally, the cats were brought to the island to hunt mice - the island is a large producer of silk, and mice eat silkworms. Now, the cat population has gotten somewhat out of control, but many don't seem to mind. Local fishermen regarded them as good luck and the island even has a cat shrine, along with newly built cat shaped cabins for tourists to stay in.

Cat Island - Japan

Thomas Peter/Reuters

#8. Lake Hillier - Western Australia

The lake keeps its deep pink color all year, due to it's high salt content, the presence of a salt-loving algae species known as Dunaliella salina, and pink bacteria known as halobacteria.

#9. Jacob’s Well - Texas

This natural spring is over 100 feet deep, and despite its jagged rocks, is a popular place for swimmers and divers.

#10. Akodessewa Fetish Market - Togo

Shrunken heads, skulls, and flesh are all wares sold at this market. These are supplies used by those who practice the indigenous religions of the country.

#11. Maunsell Sea Forts - North Sea, England

These were designed to protect England from a potential Nazi invasion during WWII. Today, they're empty and provide an eerie silhouette over the ocean's horizon.

#12. Goblin Valley State Park - Utah, USA

The strange landscape of soft sandstone is only about a mile across and two miles long. The bizarre formations are a popular hiking trail in Utah.

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