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By Camila Villafañe

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13 True Stories Of People Who Have A Ton Of Good Luck.

Some people don't believe in luck. They feel that any good fortune that comes out of the blue is sheer coincidence. But these folks don't feel that way, at least not after their experiences. Maybe they had a horseshoe or a four-leaf clover tucked into one of their pockets. Whatever the case may be, these folks had a TON of luck.

We all try to do our best to make our day the best one possible, but that doesn't always work. But when luck comes knocking on our door, we never complain. So, check out this incredible collection of stories. It totally proves that sometimes, all it takes is a single moment to potentially change your entire life.

#1. In 1985, Christine Tallady gave her son up for adoption because she wasn't ready to be a single mom.

In 2007, she got a call from the adoption agency letting her know that her son wanted to meet her. Well, it turns out that her son was a lot closer than she imagined. 22-year-old Steve Flaig worked at the same Lowe's store in Michigan that she did.

#2. One nephew learned that walking into an attic isn't always as creepy or as dusty as it sounds.

A man from Tennessee went into his aunt's attic and discovered baseball cards from the 50s and 60s. In one box, he found a 1948 Bowman set, which was worth $500,000. But all the cards in total were worth over a $1 million.

#3. What once was lost was eventually found. At least that's what happened to this Swedish wife's ring.

In 1995, Lena Påhlsson lost her wedding ring while baking. 16 years later, she found the ring wrapped around a carrot in her yard. Her husband, Ola, assumed that the ring must have gone down the kitchen drain and wound up in the compost they used to fertilize their land.

What once was lost was eventually found. At least that's what happened to this Swedish wife's ring.


#4. Virginia Fike may very well be one of the luckiest gals we've read about given how she won the lotto.

In 2012, She bought two separate lottery tickets using the same number, and would you believe it? She won both times. So not only did Virginia from the state of Virginia win $1 million once, but she won twice, which allowed her to take home a whopping $2 million. Seriously, what the heck?

#5. Think about how terrifying it would be to get hit by a truck while trying to cross the road.

For Ben Carpenter, this nightmare became a reality in 2007. His wheelchair had gotten caught in the truck's grille when he tried crossing the road. Carpenter ended up traveling at 50 mph on the highway and the driver had no idea until cops rescued him. Thankfully, he was uninjured.

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