By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

11 Crazy Cats Who LOVE Water So Much They Can’t Stay Out Of The Shower.

At the end of a difficult day - or just a regular day, for that matter- there's nothing like the feeling of a hot, relaxing shower. No matter who you are or what your interests, there is virtually no reasonable person who doesn't like to lose themselves in thought while hot water and soap pours over there body. It's not only necessary for hygiene, it's totally therapeutic.

And while their idea of a "difficult day" might mean walking from their food dish to their favorite spot on your pillow, plenty of cats like showers, too. Warning: Unless you know for 100% fact that your cat is into showering, don't try this video at home. Especially if they still have their front claws.

Some of these animals love their bath time too.

Source: The Dodo