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Her Relatives Were Victims Of A Cruel Trade… But Her Story Filled Me With Hope.

When you look at Rylai, you might be surprised to learn that she's not actually a rare species of animal. In fact, Rylai is actually a standard red fox - just one with a slight genetic abnormality that makes her fur completely white.

The color of her fur is classified as "white marble," and Rylai is descended from generations of foxes that were bred at fur farms. However, Rylai doesn't live at a fur farm - instead, she is taken care of by a Redditor that treats her like a member of the family. He uploaded pictures of this cute kit for everyone to see - we love how adorable she looks when she sleeps!

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#fox #foxkit #marble #whitemarble #sleepyfox #honeymoonphase

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Rylai vanquishes her frenemy the pink plushy dog. #foxkit #playingfox #marblefox

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