By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A Rare White Giraffe Was Spotted In Africa, And She’s Dangerously Photogenic.

At the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, researchers recently caught a glimpse of something amazing: A white giraffe named Omo, hanging out with the rest of the gang.

Omo was born at the reserve, and though many assume she's albino, she's actually leucistic. According to experts, albino animals lack melanin everywhere, including the eyes. Omo, however, has dark eyes and dark coloring on her fur, and indicator that she's leucistic.

Even so, Omo is incredibly rare and absolutely gorgeous. See photos of this unusual animal below.

Her name, Omo, comes from a popular detergent brand in Tanzania.

Researchers have been watching her from a distance since she was born.

According to reports, they're particularly happy that she survived the first year, which is the most dangerous time for giraffe calves in the wild.

Though Omo is also at heightened risk of poaching, experts are keeping a close eye on her. Hopefully, this unusual giraffe will live a long and happy life -- and we can't wait to see her when she's fully grown.

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Source: USA Today