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By Huong Ngo

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White Hair Is The Icy Winter Trend You’ve Been Looking For.

We are definitely living in the generation of crazy hair colors. Once upon a time, people wore very conservative hair color and style. Nowadays, people are coming up with new and creative ways to color hair everyday. One particular hair color trend that's recently grown popular is white hair.

Although most people naturally grow white hair as they age, white hair has become a new edgy color that anyone can sport (no matter the age). It's a very simple color but it can look gorgeous on hair if done right. Check out some of the white hair styles below to see for yourself.

With white hair, almost any hair style is taken to the next level.

Braids on naturally colored hair looks great but with a color like this, it stands out so much more (in a good way).

If you're a classy girl who typically has her hair up and out of her face most of the time, you can still rock the white color.

It may not be conventional to most eyes, but how can you deny how beautiful this looks?

It also looks great when paired and blended with other colors. However, we do highly recommend pastel colors.

Like these lavender roots blended with the white hair, for example. Don't the colors look fabulous together?

But who says you need to have some special hair style to rock the white hair?

The white color on the hair alone looks great with or without any special hair style!

It's such a cool and edgy hair color, that it works on both men and women!

So if you're a guy who've been contemplating on getting white hair, don't be afraid to try it out!

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